Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thanks for Coming Out to the Drive-Thru Quilting Event

We thank each of you who was able to attend Saturday's Drive-Thru Quilting event. We thank Mssrs. Ronald Lofton Sr. and Ronald Lofton Jr. for their generous support of the event, including discounted meals for participants. We thank City Year volunteers who helped with the logistics and artistic vision, and got their hands dirty designing quilt blocks. We thank Reneau Diallo, Karen Bailey and Zoe Ann Nance for their leadership.

We displayed our very first quilt, and the quilt in progress prepared by Carey Tercentenary AME Church. We had a great turnout, and participants generated enough quilt blocks to pull together two quilts. We were so impressed by the work of a Viet Nam Vet who participated that we will pull his blocks together to make a separate quilt. We will display quilts from the project at McDonald's and take the show on the road when we get a critical mass of quilts. In the meantime, we will be working with schools and other organizations in the community to assist them in making quilts. If your organization is interested in participating, please contact me at valeriefleonard@msn.com. We are looking forward to strengthening the social fabric of our community.

We thank Paul Norrington and Seth Barnhart,  for sharing their photos. God willing, I will be able to provide you with more pics later this week.

Seth's Pictures

Paul's Pictures

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