Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Chip Off the Old Quilting Block

This is one of three quilts for the LEARN Charter School, in conjunction with the North Lawndale African American Heritage Quilting Project. Every year, Lucille Morris Tomlinson has her class to do presentations for African American History Month. When she heard about the quilting project, she took the process a step further. In addition to their presentations (which were carefully prepared through typed papers, poster boards and oral presentations), the children were asked to translate their presentations on African American heroes to a 6″ square. The 6″ squares are being sewn onto 8″ squares and patched together. We were blessed with a fabric donation from a young lady who read about the project upon the death of her boyfriends’s mother. Ideally, the children researched heroes from North Lawndale, as well as localtraditions. Many of the children focused on other African American heroes from around the country. The children were also given an overview of the meaning of a number of Adinkra symbols. They were asked toselect a symbol that helps tell the story of their hero. They used a number of media, including cloth, paint, fabric markers and paper to convey their stories.
Thanks to everyone who supported the North Lawndale African American Heritage Quilting Project. We completed eight quilts a couple years ago; with 5 more in progress. We have quilt blocks enough for about 3 or 4 more quilts. We have been fortunate enough to receive significant fabric and equipment donations to keep project costs down to a minimum.
This second quilt was developed by transferring pictures and biographies of the children’s African American heroes onto fabric blocks and piecing them together.
After working with my mom to complete my niece’s prom dress, and literally picking up the pieces of this project started 2 years ago, I am committed to getting back in touch with my creative side, and really, REALLY learning thisquilting craft beyond putting together basic blocks. I’m checking out quilting websites and pinning them on Pinterest. I’m reading the newsletters I subscribe to but never read. I’m blowing the dust off my quilting books.
Here is a third quilt. This was developed by combining three smaller 3- and 2-block quilts.
I want to be like my friends     Reneau Diallo and Lisa Wilcoxen when I grow up. These women have given of themselves–their time, talent, influence and resources to ensure this project was a success. They didn’t ask for a dime in return. On top of that, you ought to check out some of the quilts they have been able to produce! I can’t thank them my friend

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